Worker Recruitment

L Brands recognizes that migrant workers are most at risk of human trafficking and forced labor.  To protect the rights of migrant workers, we have implemented a strict policy to closely monitor any production location hiring migrant workers. The policy includes an executive approval process and is contingent upon positive results found during a specialized audit developed in accordance with the International Labour Organization’s handbook on Combating Forced Labour

In these factories, audits are regularly conducted to ensure no recruitment fees are charged to workers.  We continue to promote direct hiring and require due diligence of third-party recruitment agencies where direct hiring is not possible. If a factory must use a recruitment agency, they must disclose the name of the agency to our auditors and ensure all relevant rights have been given to all workers recruited through the agency. We reserve the right to audit recruitment agencies, if necessary.

Workers must be treated in accordance with the law and must have:

  • freedom of movement
  • freedom to refuse overtime without reprisal
  • freedom to enter into employment voluntarily
  • freedom to terminate the contract without penalty
  • control over their personal documents at all times