Responsible Purchasing Practices

L Brands realizes that responsible business practices start with partnering with suppliers and factories that have an excellent compliance track record and share our core values.  To that end, all of our associates involved in the production and purchasing process must understand the critical role they play in that process. The company is committed to providing these associates with ongoing training and educational opportunities to keep teams vigilant and fully engaged.

The company also has an Associate Code of Conduct that outlines our standards and expectations and also addresses the consequences of noncompliance.

2017 Associate Training

In 2017, L Brands enlisted the support of a third-party subject matter expert to conduct training for associates involved in the purchasing process to raise awareness on their impact and accountability for responsible purchasing practices. During this discussion, opportunities for improvement were highlighted.  Industry best practices were shared in areas of sampling, sourcing, production, forecasting and planning - confirming many areas in which L Brands is already demonstrating these best practices.

IPS has ongoing discussions with L Brands production teams regarding upcoming purchasing plans with suppliers, regularly reviews factory capacity reports and looks for opportunities for continuous improvement as part of our effort to ensure L Brands maintains responsible purchasing practices.