Partnering For Improvement

About Our Sourcing and Labor: Building Capacity

We have been actively engaged in the development of initiatives and best practices that enhance the capacity of local governments to improve legal compliance and the capacity of our suppliers to comply with the L Brands Supplier Code of Conduct. We have undertaken these initiatives in collaboration or consultation with other leading companies, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), labor groups, international organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Collaborating With Non-Governmental Organizations

Additionally, we seek active and constructive engagement and cooperation with labor groups and NGOs focused on solving problems that may arise at our suppliers’ facilities. Through these efforts, we strive to develop effective and sustainable models for addressing challenges throughout our supply chain.

L Brands engages with a broad range of NGOs, labor unions, academics and other stakeholders to obtain perspectives and information necessary to manage risk in the countries from which we source.  L Brands engagement includes participation with the Business Council for Global Development (BCGD). BCGD is a coalition of global businesses dedicated to advancing sustainable economic development and the rule of law through capacity building and a rules-based system for global trade and investment.

Some of these stakeholders help us to manage risk through programs that enhance the rule of law (through training and capacity building) and other collaborative activities.