Supply Chain Overview

Ethical Standards

Honesty, integrity and fair treatment of associates, customers and suppliers are fundamental values of L Brands. We insist that our business be conducted according to ethical standards that we can point to with pride.


L Brands Supplier Code of Conduct

Through Mast Global, L Brands' premier supply chain organization with more than 40 years of production, sourcing and logistics experience, the company sources goods from countries all over the world — the vast majority of which are produced in the United States, China, Sri Lanka and India.

We are committed to providing superior quality merchandise and services to customers.  As part of our corporate culture and values, we strongly believe the quality of our merchandise begins with the treatment of the people who create our products.  L Brands only partners with suppliers that share our values and our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. To ensure that our expectations are clear, our standards are specifically outlined in our L Brands Supplier Code of Conduct.