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Signature Collection Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel
Signature Collection Super Smooth Body Lotion
Signature Collection Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion
U.S. Design Pat. D718,143 (note that design patent does not apply to all Signature Collection packaging)


Gentle Foaming Hand Soap U.S. Design Pats. D723,381; D730,733; D730,738
Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Creamy Luxe Hand Soap
U.S. Design Pats. D716,665; D731,319; D731,888
Gentle Exfoliating Hand Soap
Nourishing Hand Soap

U.S. Design Pats. D716,665; D731,319; D731,888 (note that these design patents do not apply to every bottle)

PocketBac Sanitizer U.S. Design Pat. D752,442
PocketBac Holder U.S. Design Pats. D753,490; D753,909; D779,943; D779,944; D779,945; D779,946; D779,947; D780,580; D780,581; D780,582 (note that not all design patents apply to every holder)  
Older Style PocketBac Holder U.S. Design Pat. D675,446


Bath & Body Works and White Barn Candles, including:

   3-Wick Candle
   Single Wick Candle
   Mini Candle
U.S. Pat. 6,497,735
Wallflower Fragrance Diffuser

For use under one or more of  U.S. Pats. 6,236,807; 7,277,626

U.S. Design Pats. D522,119; D628,283; D647,608; D657,040 (note that not all design patents apply to every heating unit) 

Wallflower Fragrance Diffuser Refill Bulb

U.S. Design Pats. D788,899; D790,051; D816,203