Diverse Supplier Registration

Guidelines for working with L Brands

Before getting started, be sure to review What We Buy to review a list of products, merchandise and services that L Brands procures.


Be prepared to address the topics below with L Brands.

  • Cost Savings: Demonstrate how your product/service will save L Brands money.
  • Efficiency: Demonstrate how your product/service will increase speed, accuracy and /or quality to L Brands operations.
  • Growth: Address future growth, how you will grow your product/service and how it will help L Brands.
  • Benefits for L Brands: How L Brands can gain market share with your product/service and control costs and/or maximize sales, the advantages and benefits of using your service rather than a competitor’s similar service.
  • Competition: Include your direct and indirect competition in the market.
  • Related Services: Determine whether your service impacts other related services or products in our stores and if so, how.
  • Provide a history of proven successful projects and financial stability.
  • Align your business objectives with L Brand’s needs.



Review tips to aid in your approach.

  • Do your research. It is important that you demonstrate an understanding of how your product/service fits into the strategy for L Brands and you understand L Brands vision, values and goals.
  • Visit our stores.
  • Read our annual report and listen to the quarterly briefings.
  • Know our brands.
  • Characteristics of the best suppliers: Not risky, cost competitive, innovative, bring solutions, ease of process, best value, no drama, good outcomes, they listen and align with us, expectation of scale/scope/reach, few concessions, proactive.


Please register with us at Lbrands.supplier.ariba.com You must upload a copy of your current diversity certification in order to move forward.  Once complete contact Supplierdiversity@lb.com and be prepared to discuss how your business aligns with L Brands.