Inclusion Makes Us Stronger

World-class brands. The sexiest fashion show ever. Scents that make you smile. They all speak for themselves. But, behind the glitz and the glamour is a team of highly talented, dedicated associates with uniquely different characteristics, qualities and talents that we embrace and foster.

At L Brands, we focus on recruiting, retaining and advancing diverse talent for an organization that reflects the customers we serve and the communities where we live and work. Being part of this environment lets you be yourself – to share your perspectives, ideas and thinking about the way you see the world. By encouraging a workplace where diversity and inclusion are valued, our associates, suppliers and vendors help to ensure that the products we sell and the service we provide always delight our customers.

The fact that we’re all different is the one thing that we have in common. And we believe that together, that makes us better.

We Respect Our Customers

L Brands is adamant that all of our customers, regardless of race, be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Our customers' December 2016 experience at our Quintard Mall Victoria's Secret store should not have happened, and it does not represent who we are or what we stand for. Read more.