L Brands is committed to approaching the use of natural resources in a thoughtful manner. We ask questions, we consider alternatives and we weigh the pros and cons. Our use of water is no exception. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we are fortunate to have plentiful rainfall and water supplies to support our offices and distribution centers. While our central business functions are not located in a water-scarce part of the country, some of our stores are and therefore, regardless of location, we have adopted many water-conserving measures to help minimize our impact on local water resources.

Water conservation in buildings

  • All of the restrooms in our home office locations and distribution centers are equipped with water-saving measures, including low flow, automatic flush toilets and waterless urinals.
  • Our Bath & Body Works home office and distribution center building achieved LEED Silver EB certification, with water conservation featured as an important part of the management of the building and grounds.
  • Our stores are equipped with water-conserving toilets.


  • In order to conserve water resources, our home office grounds are planted with native trees and plantings adapted to the Ohio climate. This allows us to use less water to irrigate landscaping. 

Protecting natural waterways

  • In order to protect surface waters in the vicinity of our buildings, we have a spill prevention and control program.
  • We utilize retention ponds to reduce storm water runoff to local bodies of water and use the water from those ponds for our fire suppression systems.

Associate involvement

  • Part of our home office property is adjacent to Big Walnut Creek, a local waterway in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2005, our associates have volunteered and supported “clean up days” along the creek, removing trash and other unnatural debris that flows to the area from upstream or blows from nearby roads.
  • Since 2009, L Brands has been a sponsor of the Columbus Earth Day event hosted by Green Columbus. This event is the largest Earth Day volunteer service opportunity in the nation. In 2017, with the help of local non-profit, EarthShare Ohio, more than 176 L Brands associates volunteered at seven project sites during the week of Earth Day, contributing more than 704 man-hours overall.