Making a Difference

We All Have The Ability To Give

In 1963, Les Wexner, founder, chairman and CEO, started a company based on a set of shared values important to both our customers and associates. In order to mirror the values of our associates and our customers, L Brands supports community programs that focus on the health and empowerment of women, nurturing and mentoring children and improving education.

Also embedded in our focus is a commitment to inclusion. As one of our company's core values, we understand, appreciate and leverage diversity to provide value for our customers, associates and shareholders. Our philanthropic efforts represent a rich mixture of backgrounds, insights and perspectives.

Going hand-in-hand with our efforts to help improve education is our commitment to enriching the cultural arts. We believe that vibrant cultural arts are synonymous with dynamic and diverse communities - exposing us to new works and different perspectives that not only entertain, but educate and challenge us to think about how we live.

At L Brands, we believe it matters how we play the game - and that includes making our world outside of work a better place. It's why for more than 50 years we've remained dedicated to improving the communities where we do business and focused on making a positive difference in the lives of our associates, our customers and the global community at large.

When we do well, we can do good. And doing good gives us purpose.

                                                                    Les Wexner, Chairman & CEO