Our Bras Are Safe

As millions of women know, Victoria's Secret bras are safe. Nonetheless, you may have seen media reports in 2008 and 2009 or random online postings claiming Victoria's Secret bras cause skin reactions. Because of our commitment to our customers' safety and satisfaction, we want you to have the facts. We hope that with the complete truth, we continue to earn your confidence in our products every day. 

Our Commitment to Quality

As the world's leading lingerie brand, millions of women trust us for our safe, high-performing bras that offer world-leading comfort, fit and durability. To ensure this safety, every step of the manufacturing process — from yarn to finished goods — is audited against strict quality guidelines.

  • We carefully select the types of raw materials used in our bras, and we use only top-quality raw material suppliers. We adhere to stringent apparel industry guidelines that restrict the use of specific ingredients in textiles. Specific individual reactions to some ingredients cannot always be predicted.
  • In our Victoria's Secret design process, we conduct internal and external wash and wear tests as part of our process. This testing includes literally hundreds of customers and associates who wear our bras, wash them and then provide feedback in regard to fit, quality, comfort and durability before a new product is introduced.

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 The company goes to great lengths to avoid the use of irritants or allergens in our clothing.  Nonetheless, individuals can have reactions to nearly anything.  Provided are answers to some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.


FAQ - Textile Allergies