How We Support Our Code

Other company policies about your employment

Your Associate File

Your associate file contains information required by law, and may also contain information about your work history, salary or pay rate, performance evaluations and other information related to your job. These files are considered company property and may not be removed from our premises or released to anyone without proper authorization. All requests for access to or copies of associate files must be referred to HR Direct or your Human Resources partner. To see your own file, contact your Human Resources partner. Store associates should contact their store manager or district manager.


Generally, the company does not provide employment references, and associates, including managers, may not provide job references on behalf of the company. If you receive a request for a reference, please refer the request to your Human Resources partner for a response.

In response to an external inquiry for information about a current or former associate, the company will verify only employment dates, employment status (part or full time), job title and department and work location. See the Contacts section for employment verification contact information.

Pay and the Law

Nothing in the Code of Conduct or other company policies is intended to prohibit discussion of pay rates or any rights protected by applicable law (including labor or employment standards).

Your Career

Career Opportunities

Our company provides the opportunity for growth. We try to promote from within. Promotion decisions are based on many factors, including your performance and your ability to assume additional responsibilities.

Performance Evaluations

The company believes in providing associates with consistent and constructive feedback to promote professional growth and development. Job performance, business results and economic conditions are the primary factors in determining any potential increase. Typically, you will participate in a performance evaluation once a year and may also participate in periodic progress evaluations throughout the year.


You are free to resign your position at any time; however, we encourage you to give two weeks’ notice as a matter of courtesy (or the amount of time specified in your employment agreement). The company may choose to release you prior to your two-week notice date. In this case, you will be paid for all hours worked or to satisfy contractual obligations, where applicable.

Leaving the Company

If you leave the company, your manager or Human Resources partner can answer your questions about final pay arrangements and the termination of benefits. To learn more about what happens to key benefits, please refer to your benefits materials, HR Direct or contact your Human Resources partner. Before leaving the company, you will have to return all company property, including electronic equipment, company credit cards, your employee ID card, store keys, discount card, etc. If you are a U.S. associate and have a payroll card, you should keep it in the event you are rehired by the company.

Scheduling and Attendance

Your hours are dependent on where you work and the needs of the business.

Home Office Associates – While hours may vary office-to-office, our standard hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Depending on the department, geographic location and/or time of year, your work schedule may differ. Talk to your manager about specific work hours for your position.

Customer Care Center, Distribution Center and Shipping Building Associates – Work schedules in the customer care centers, distribution centers and shipping facilities are determined by business needs. Specific attendance guidelines are provided during orientation.

Store Associates – Our labor management tools schedule to the needs of the business and associate availability. Schedules are posted in advance of each work week electronically (where available) and in the back room. Availability and time off requests must be submitted through the online scheduling system (or in writing if no online scheduling system is available) before the schedule is created. Talk to your manager to understand the timeline for your store. Management will do its best to approve requests while allowing us to meet the needs of the business. Once a schedule has been published, store management will communicate schedule changes to you only through verbal conversations.

Be On Time

You must report to work on time, whether you’re just starting the day or returning from rest or meal periods. If you will be late, inform your manager as soon as possible before the beginning of your workday/shift. Chronic lateness, for whatever reason, will affect your performance and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. If you must leave work early, talk with your manager. Leaving work during a workday/shift without your manager’s permission or taking unauthorized breaks is not permitted.

When You Can’t Make It

If you have a day when you must be absent, call your manager at your first opportunity (texting, emailing, instant messaging and other electronic communications are not acceptable forms of notification for store, distribution center/shipping building and customer care center associates). Please call as soon as possible but no later than two hours before the beginning of your workday/shift. Your manager is responsible for finding coverage for your shift.

  • If you are absent five or more consecutively scheduled workdays/shifts due to injury or illness, you must get a note from your doctor. (We also reserve the right to request a note from your doctor for absences less than five consecutively scheduled shifts.)
  • For all absences lasting more than five consecutively scheduled workdays/shifts, please contact HR Direct in addition to contacting your manager to determine if you are eligible for leave time. (See Associate Information in the Contacts section for location-specific contact details.)

Failure to contact your manager while you are out (unless you are on an approved leave of absence) could affect your employment. We reserve the right to terminate the employment of any associate absent for three consecutively scheduled workdays/shifts without calling in to report the absence. You will be deemed to have voluntarily abandoned your employment with the company, and you will be designated as “not to be rehired” by Human Resources.

Store associates – Call the store and speak to the manager on duty. Store managers should call the store and the district manager.

Distribution center/shipping building associates – Call the call-off line for your location (listed in your orientation materials).

Dressing for Success

Our dress code requirements vary from job to job. The company does not require associates to purchase and wear L Brands’ merchandise. You may be asked to modify your dress or remove accessories to comply with our brand policies or safety protocols in our facilities. For more information on the dress code for your job, refer to your onboarding materials or brand standard operating procedures, or talk to your manager.

Associate Contact Information

Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date so we can contact you in case of an emergency. To protect associate safety and privacy, associate contact information is not to be posted in the store backrooms or other common areas in our facilities.

Personal Property

Keep your personal possessions locked in your assigned locker, desk drawer or other designated area. Do not leave your personal possessions unsecured. The company does not assume liability for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

Smoking and Using Tobacco Products

Smoking and using tobacco products (including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff or chewing tobacco) are not permitted in any of our facilities, distribution centers or stores, including back rooms. If you smoke or use other tobacco products, please do so only in designated areas. You are required to follow the smoking/tobacco policy in the mall or facility in which you work.

Personal Checks

We accept only personal checks for the exact amount of your purchase in our stores. You cannot write checks to cash or cash your payroll check in a store. Do not write personal checks on a closed account or without having sufficient funds to cover your purchases. If this happens, disciplinary action may occur, up to and including termination of employment.

Before and After Business Hours

We permit only scheduled associates in stores before or after business hours unless authorized by a district manager or Home Office. Associates should only enter back rooms when they are performing job-related functions.

Visitors and Callers

To prevent workplace safety concerns, do not let or assist anyone to gain unauthorized access to our premises. Associates must accompany visitors at all times. As a rule, associates conducting store visits or visiting other company facilities will identify themselves when they arrive and will present the company ID badges. We do not authorize non-associates, visitors or customers in store back rooms or distribution centers without approval.

If you cannot confirm a caller is an associate, you should not divulge any information, including business information and personal customer or associate information such as payment details, credit card or check information, or social security or other national identification numbers, home phone numbers, addresses or work schedules. Refer the caller to your manager or other appropriate resource listed in the Contacts section. In addition, report the request for information to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as listed in the Contacts section.

No Contract Of Employment

The provisions in the Code of Conduct do not constitute an employment contract, and may be changed at any time. Nothing in the Code is written to guarantee employment to any associate or guarantee the terms or conditions of employment.  Employment at the company is at will in all U.S. locations and in locations outside the U.S. where permissible by law, and can be terminated by an associate or the company at any time, for any reason or for no reason, and with or without prior notice. Unless modified by written agreement, signed by both the associate and the Vice President of Human Resources or the Office of the General Counsel, no manager or other representative of the company has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the provisions of the Code, at will status or other policies or practices of the company.