General Information

HR Direct — Single Information Resource for Benefits and Pay

United States: 1.866.473.4728

Canada: 1.855.770.8707

United Kingdom: Contact your local HR partner for support

HR Access — Employee Self-Service

Enroll in benefits (web only). Reference, update and access all of your personal and benefits information including home address, tax withholdings, paid time off (PTO), add/update life insurance beneficiaries and more.  

Employment Verification

The Work Number:


1.800.367.5690 (outside verifiers)


Associate Opinion Survey

Our annual associate opinion survey enables us to gather anonymous feedback about key factors related to engagement and associate interactions with leaders and other team members. Leaders have the opportunity to commit to action ways they can make their teams and our enterprise better through their behavior and leadership. 

Performance Review Process

Associates and their managers participate in a process to align on goals, share ongoing feedback and coaching, and measure performance each year.