• Tuition Assistance


Discuss tuition assistance for work-related undergraduate or graduate course work.

  • Associate Advantages: You Decide


Research products and services with flexible corporate rates for auto insurance, home owners insurance, mortgages, etc.

  • Adoption Assistance: HR Direct


Discuss adoption assistance benefits.

  • Child Care: Learning Care Group


Inquire about a 10% discount on earning education and child care services at Childtime, Tudor Time, the Children's Courtyard and La Petite Academy.

  • Commuter Benefits: WageWorks


Download Wage Works app

Manage your commuter account.

  • Employee Verification: The Work Number


1.800.367.5690 (outside verifiers)

Access W-2, instant employment and income verification when applying for a mortgage or loan, reference checking, leasing an apartment or other instances where proof of employment or income is needed.

  • Back-Up Care Advantage: Bright Horizons (username: LTDnewuser / password: Password)


Download Bright Horizons app

Access back-up care up to 8 times per year when you need to be at work and your regular child an/or adult/elder care is unavailable.  Also, get free access to a database of nannies and sitters for evening and weekend care, elder care resources, pet sitters and homework help. And get preferred enrollment access and tuition discounts at affiliated child care centers (may exclude infant care).

  • Legal Insurance: ARAG

 www. (Access code: 15661ltd)

1.800.247.4184 (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST)

Access free educational tools and resources as well as information regarding your legal benefits, find legal references and other related information.

  • Auto, Home and Pet Insurance: MetLife


Get special group discounts to cover your auto, home and pet.


Merchandise Discount

 Length of Service         Part-Time            Full-Time  

At Hire                                  20%                        20%

60th Day                              30%                        40%

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program offers you flexibility when you want to take time away from work. Rather than providing traditional vacation, sick and personal days, PTO provides you with paid time off that you can use however you wish, including personal or family needs.

Your PTO will accumulate based on your months and years of service.





(In a calendar year)

Jan/Feb/Mar 19 days (152 hours)
Apr/May/Jun 11 days (88 hours)
Jul/Aug/Sep 6 days (48 hours)
Oct/Nov 2 days (16 hours)
Dec 0 days


* After an initial waiting period of 30 days, 6 days (48 hours) may be taken (2 days or 16 hours if hired in Oct or Nov). The remainder taken after 90 days of full time continuous active service.




(In a calendar year)

2nd-5th calendar year 19 days (152 hours)
6th-10th calendar year 24 days (192 hours)
11th-14th calendar year 28 days (224 hours)
15th calendar year 32 days (256 hours)


Note: The PTO description above does not apply to associates working in the State of California. Please contact the hiring manager for more information regarding the California PTO program.

These benefits apply to US-based associates. Please contact your hiring manager or HR partner to learn more about our international benefits offerings. 


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