Sourcing & Labor Standards

Our Standards

L Brands sources goods from countries all over the world with the vast majority being produced in the United States, China, Sri Lanka and India. We insist that our associates and suppliers comply both with the local laws that govern their businesses and with our company's own labor and other standards. If we discover they are not in compliance, our first step is to attempt to bring them into compliance by supporting them in making the necessary changes through corrective action plans. We will not work with those who don't work to meet our standards.

Our approved suppliers must verify in writing that they meet the following:

Sourcing & Labor Standards

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  • Compliance with the Law

  • Minimum Wages and Benefits

  • Maximum Working Hours

  • No Forced Labor

  • No Child Labor

  • Health and Safety

  • Nondiscrimination

  • No Corporal Punishment

  • Freedom of Association

  • Environment

  • Community Involvement

  • Access

  • Subcontracting

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