Associate Resource Groups

Working Together and Empowering Diversity

At L Brands we are committed to supporting our associates and fostering an inclusive work environment. Formal recognition of and support for Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) is consistent with our value that inclusion makes us stronger.
L Brands recognizes that associates have always met informally to network, mentor each other, develop professionally and assist the company in meeting its enterprise business goals and aspirations. These guidelines will allow associate groups to meet formally and seek recognition as L Brands Associate Resource Groups. L Brands also acknowledges that informal networking will and should continue.

The strategic purpose for ARGs includes:

• Enhance recruitment efforts;
• Better retention of a diverse workforce;
• Provide opportunities for new business development and marketing; and
• Portray a positive external image.

Benefits that we want to realize from the creation of ARGs include:

• Leadership commitment;
• A clear business role and increased accountability; and
• Low overhead.

Among the benefits that associates in ARGs have noted are:

• Inclusion in informal networks;
• Professional development;
• Mentoring relationships; and
• New opportunities to contribute to the company with their talents or perspective.

There are currently three Associate Resource Groups at L Brands: the African-American Resource Network (AARN), the Latino Associate Resource Group, Conexcion, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender ("LGBT") Associate Resource Group, Evolve. These groups are committed to embodying the talents and strengths of African-American, Latino and LGBT associates across the company by focusing on education, mentoring and networking, recruiting and retention, innovation and business impact.

For more information regarding inclusion initiatives and/or Associate Resource Groups, please contact the L Brands' Inclusion and Diversity Advancement office at 614.415.1915 or

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