Paper and Forest Products


We are proud of our partnership with ForestEthics to raise environmental standards in the catalogue industry. As a result of extensive and thoughtful discussions with ForestEthics in 2006 and 2007, we are taking measures to ensure that the pulp used in the paper we procure for catalogues is not from endangered forests. Listed here is our paper policy, our commitment going forward and the steps we have already taken.

In December 2007, we were honored to receive the Boreal Stewardship Award from Canada's Boreal Leadership Council. Since then, we have learned more and more about the Canadian Boreal Forest. The more we have learned, the more committed we have become to Boreal Forest conservation, by helping to ensure survival of caribou and advocating for First Nations communities.

L Brands' paper policy:

  • Addresses the entire paper and forest products lifecycle; and
  • Eliminates suppliers sourcing from endangered forests.

We are committed to:

  • Not accepting paper sourced from endangered forests of Canada's Boreal Region - this includes Alberta's Rocky Mountain Foothills, as well as the British Columbia Inland Temperate Rainforest.
  • Our goal of producing our catalogues with 10 percent post-consumer waste (PCW) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.
  • Having a preference for FSC certification. We partnered with one of our principal suppliers to achieve FSC certification at its four paper mills.
  • Overall catalogue paper reduction.
  • Continued improvement of the environmental attributes of our catalogue paper and paper use, and we will have an independent third party audit our progress and make the results public.
  • Phasing out paper procured from endangered forests.
  • Providing $1 million to research and advocacy to protect endangered forests.

We funded a study by the Conservation Biology Institute in 2007 to understand the impact of sourcing pulp from the Alberta Foothills on species and ecological values. The results concerned us and we, along with our partners from ForestEthics, met with the Alberta government, forest companies and oil and gas companies to promote change.

Our Progress

Working with our paper products suppliers, we have successfully been able to reduce the demands on our forests by steadily increasing our use of post-consumer waste (PCW) paper and paper certified to FSC standards by:

  • Dramatically increasing the use of PCW and FSC-certified paper in our Victoria's Secret catalogues.
  • Improving our efforts to carefully review our catalogue mailing list. In an effort to reduce the amount of unwanted catalogues mailed, we go to great lengths to ensure that our catalogue mailing lists are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Providing a toll-free number (1-800-411-5116) for clients to call if they want to reduce or unsubscribe from catalogue mailings.
  • Making our 2013 annual report and proxy statement available electronically on our website and providing printed reports only when specifically requested. Additionally, any hard copy reports were printed on FSC Mixed Sources paper and were printed using soy ink.
  • Printing and copying on office paper that is 30 percent PCW.
  • Utilizing PCW or FSC-certified paper for more than 95 percent of the other paper we purchased.

Through these efforts, we hope to play a constructive role in promoting more environment-friendly paper policies in the catalogue industry.

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