Apply for Financial Support

how to apply for financial support

Before submitting an application via our online application tool, please review the Grant Criteria section outlined in "What We Fund" to assess whether your organization fits within our guidelines.

Request a Financial Contribution (grants and/or charitable event sponsorships):
L Brands Foundation accepts grant requests three times per year. Grant applications must be submitted through the website during the following submission windows: 

Application Available Due Date Decision Date
Cycle A: Jan. 15 Mar. 1 May 30
Cycle B: May 15 Jul. 1 Sept. 30
Cycle C: Sept. 15 Nov. 1 Dec. 30

The L Brands Foundation will now have two online applications for financial support, one for support of operations or specific programs and the other for support of events. The events form has additional questions related to prior and current year attendance, funds raised and event expenses.

The next application cycle will open on May 15, 2015.

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