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High Heels Incite High Hopes

December 02, 2011

High heels incite even higher hopes following the 2011 annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. As millions gather around their televisions each year to experience the latest fashions of the season, not many people know that this dazzling experience does much more than simply entertain guests and viewers around the world.

Behind the curtain, there lies the tremendous philanthropic effort of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

The process is simple, but the difference being made to help others is huge.

Each year, Victoria’s Secret provides several different non-profit organizations around the world the opportunity to auction off a pair tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. These non-profits vary in focus areas and have included organizations such as The Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Miracles for KidsSafe Horizon in New York and many more.

As a result of the support from donors, all of the proceeds raised from these auctions are put back into the hands of the non-profit organizations and further assist in supporting relief efforts, fighting diseases and much more.

Since 2002, this behind-the-scenes philanthropic effort has raised more than $3.8 million— all of which has gone to make a difference and give hope in numerous communities around the world. This year alone, donors helped to raise $805,100 for non-profit organizations.

Since the first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was unveiled in 1995, its philanthropic efforts have been changing lives one ticket at a time.

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