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  • When did the company change its name to L Brands? Why?

  • Where are the headquarters of L Brands?

  • When was the company founded?

  • What brands do you own?

  • When did you sell Express and Limited Stores?

  • How many associates does the company employ?

  • Where can I find one of your stores?

  • How can I open a franchise or establish a business partnership with one of your brands?

  • Does L Brands have a policy about relationships with suppliers and subcontractors?

  • How can I reduce my Victoria's Secret catalog mailings and e-mails?

  • Can I request information for a student project?

  • Where can I submit a product proposal or idea?

  • I'm interested in modeling for one of your brands. How can I submit my portfolio?

  • Can I use trademark items such as the company logo or brand images?

  • Can I buy tickets for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

L Brands, Inc. World Headquarters

Three Limited Parkway
Columbus, OH 43230


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