Social Media Policy

Use the guidelines below and the policies in the Guide as a filter when you contribute to and participate in social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Yammer, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, including company-sponsored social media channels. Not only do the guidelines protect both you and the company, but you can have confidence knowing you're presenting yourself in a responsible way and casting a strong shadow for our business. Review these guidelines, take responsibility and remember that good judgment rules.

Use common sense. On the internet, what you believe is private may really be public . . . and it's out there for good -- there is no delete. Before you post, consider what might be seen by customers, competitors and associates all over the wolrd, including your supervisor, colleagues and other people you interact with daily.

Keep confidential information confidential.  It's OK to discuss publicly known information. It's not OK to talk about confidential or non-public information including the company's financial situation, sales trends, forecasts, future product launches and promotions, legal issues and personal information about customers or other associates. If you aren't sure whether something is appropriate to post, then don't post it, double check your thinking and get a second opinion from your manager.

Be respectful and ethical. Though we don't discourage associates from using social media and connecting with other associates, we do encourage you to be aware of the impact you can have and to remember that many company policies apply even when you are not at work. For example, just as you would not discriminate against or harass a customer or fellow associate in person, it is unacceptable to do so online. Be thoughtful when discussing issues where emotions run high and be respectful of other people's opinions. Avoid responding to negative comments by customers or others.

If you choose, interact responsibly with company-sponsored social media and other online media. We have internal teams devoted to managing our company and brand presence online. These teams monitor our social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and follow specific processes for responding to customer concerns. Be thoughtful with your posts in company-sponosored social media; for example, if you respond directly to customer comments, it can be interpreted as responding on behalf of the company.

Words matter and if you choose to talk about our business or any of our products anywhere online, you must take the following steps:

  • Identify yourself as an associate in your post and make it clear that you are not posting on behalf of the company.
  • If you choose to create a link from your own blog, website or social media channel to a company-sponsored website or social media channel, clearly identify yourself as an associate.
  • If you discuss a product, (1) don't compare it with another product, (2) don't make quantifiable claims, and (3) use metaphors and adjectives only. Examples of what you cannot do: "It's better than X." "It contains 50 mg of substance Y." Examples of what you can do: "It rocks." "Coolest."

If you make a mistake, correct it immediately and be clear about what you have done to fix it. If it's a significant mistake, such as disclosing confidential information, notify your manager and/or External Communications as soon as possible so we can take the appropriate steps to minimize the possible impact. Redirect any media inquiries. Social media postings will occasionally generate media coverage. The company will respond only through a designated spokesperson. If you're ever asked to make a comment to the media on behalf of the company, politely direct the commenter to the Communications team. You can email the team at or by calling 1-614-415-7555.

Be safe. Be careful about posting personal information online. Personal information can include photos, addresses and phone numbers, information about where and when you work, in-store procedures or routines, or anything else that could compromise your safety or that of your team members or customers.

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